The money factor: Asian or Russian brides?

Men who have plenty of money for travelling, can easily find hookup girls in Moscow or in Thailand. But what about men below the middle class who seek a long-term partner?
It’s a big category of singles and they mostly go to Asia or Russia to find a wife. They have multiple reasons for that since exactly these women can make a very low-budget option, and be of great help.
Why is it happening and are there really similarities between Russian and Asian women? Our dating experts are answering these most frequent and actual questions in depth.
Let’s get real and confess that western men quite often search for wives abroad with the most practical reasons. Women from less prosperous countries are less spoiled and less demanding.
We’ll find out whether it’s so, if we analyze Eastern European and Asian girls behaviour regarding finances. For sure, not all countries of these ethnic groups have the same mentality.
It’s true that some of the Asian women can be called a low-budget option but definitely not all of them. The Philippines is one of the poorest Asian countries so the girls there are rather modest.
So it’s better to conduct our comparison basing on this country data, because many other Asian countries are well-developed and brides there are mostly focused on wealthy men.
No matter how bad western men complain about Filipina gold-diggers, their money requests and expectations can never be compared to American women’s demands.
For example, Filipina girlfriend can be completely happy about a new shampoo or a simple dress for beach walks, while American bride wants a lot of golden jewellery and a new car.
But, things aren’t that smooth anyway. Men’s biggest problem in the Philippines is their law. It is putting too many restrictions on foreigners, so it isn’t profitable to marry there.
In case you don’t know, foreigners cannot buy the house with land even if they marry a Filipina. They only can buy the condo or apartment for much higher prices.
Moreover, once married, they aren’t allowed to divorce a Filipina. So it’s basically once and forever! If they decide to divorce, they need to pay the annulment fee which is enormously high.
There’s no such a thing in Russia or Ukraine. There are no pitfalls in Russian or Ukrainian law regarding foreign husbands and their rights within the wife’s country.
Nothing devastates your budget or additionally sucks the money out of your bank card when you date or marry an Eastern European girl, although her expectations are a bit higher.
Slavic bride’s appetites completely depend on many factors such as the city she lives in, her family lifestyle, and others. For sure, Moscow girls and Kyiv girls are the most expensive to date.
But if you find a modest girl from the province, it will be perfect for your pocket. They have zero ambitions about the brand of clothes or the version of iPhone, just get them something nice.
The daters’ experience even shows that women over 30 from bigger Russian cities can perfectly contribute into your common budget since they have a business or good jobs.
It happens because Russian and Ukrainian girls with a good income are interested in westerners anyway: they want to travel or relocate, and to open new perspectives in life.
Returning to the property issue, there are many cases when serious-minded Russian brides sell their apartments in homeland to participate in a purchase in your country, which is very wise.
Filipina, Indonesian, or another Asian country citizen would never do that. Quite the opposite, Filipina always expects you to cover all her relatives’ repair expenses and help them every now and then.
Sounds pretty stressful for someone who doesn’t earn much! So, after all, Russian and Ukrainian women dating is more financially reasonable for a single westerner.

Who is better in helping their man?

Although many men say they want a soulmate not a housekeeper, or they can do most of things at home by themselves, still it’s understandable that an old-fashioned wife is of great help.
Especially if a man has a joint custody of his children from a previous marriage. By the way, it rarely happens in Asia and almost never happens in Russia.
Very often, Russian women do not hear from their ex-husbands at all, and the law doesn’t help much in pressuring such men or getting any kind of support from them.
Anyways, good and decent western fathers do enjoy taking care of their kids, but it would be tricky to claim that such men do not need a woman’s assistance in all their everyday duties.
Of course they do! So, using Asian and Russian mail order bride sites is not only about finding a soul mate, it’s also about finding a skilled household companion.
Again, if to compare Asian and Eastern European brides in this regard, it mainly depends from where she is exactly. Filipina and Indonesian wives are usually very neat and good cooks.
At the same time, South Korean women sometimes don’t know how to cut cheese, especially if they are from a high society. They used to have a maid or two.
Many other Asian women are either messy at home or very specific. For example, they may fry the herring and they do not suffer of this smell at all, so they do not air out the kitchen much.
Russian and Ukrainian women are normally very sensitive to the scents and keep the air fresh no matter what they cook. Not all of them are fanatically neat but that can be checked before marrying.
There are two categories of Eastern European women who will make your rooms shine and feed you like a kind. The first category is the girls from villages and from big Christian families.
Doing their chores is as natural for them as breathing, and they used to serve many family members. Taking care of your child or two isn’t an issue for them at all.
Another category is the opposite, it’s women who already bought their own homes or have a modern one presented by their parents. Modern apartments are always thoroughly cleaned.
It’s a psychological phenomenon proved many times: women who didn’t care much about their old post-Soviet homes, started to be the best caretakers and hostesses of the new flats.
However, western and apparently Asian women act differently. When they find themselves in beautiful homes, they reportedly behave like princesses, and just sit and watch TV non-stop.
There are exceptions among both sides, but in general, Russian and Ukrainian women are more reliable housekeepers and amazing chefs who are never going to disappoint their hungry guests.

Who’s naughtier in a bed, Asian or Russian girl?

Of course, we aren’t pragmatic robots and some romance is needed by every single man. We want someone super sexy, a great performer in a bed who would remain loyal and faithful.
Well, there are gorgeous models both among Asian and Eastern European girls. It’s a very different type of beauty though and one needs to clarify first, what he actually prefers.
For men who prefer dark-haired girls with high cheekbones, Japanese and Chinese women aren’t the only option. Did you know there are Asian girls in Russia too?
Those are Russian women of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan ancestry. All these countries were a part of USSR and people there spoke Russian.
Many of these people moved to big Russian cities especially Moscow, both during the Soviet period and after it. Moreover, Tatarstan is still a part of Russia and lots of locals are Asian.
You won’t find such a phenomenon in Ukraine but typical Ukrainian girls themselves are also dark-haired and dark-eyed. So our comparison of Asian and Eastern European appearance is fair.
You probably know that Asian women tend to be skinny and petite, so their sexiness isn’t about curvy shapes. The same can be said about fifty percent of Russian girls.
Their sexiness is rather connected with a childish face expression and playfulness, which are highly appreciated by some older western men. Such girls also prefer the teen style of clothes.
But Slavs happen to have naturally large breasts more frequently than Asian females. Many of them have nice curvy butts as well, especially Ukrainian chicks.
Now, every experienced dater would say that a true sexuality has nothing to do with shapes, it’s something that comes from within and is also called sex drive.
You probably know that Asian women have cultural restrictions that force them to be very modest with men and play a submissive role. While Russian and Ukrainian girls have no limitations.
They express their passion freely and like to switch roles in a bed. So answering our question, dating experts consider Eastern European women more sexually active than Asian girls.