Tools For Pleasing Your Russian Wife

Tools for pleasing your Russian wife. You must handle your responsibilities. Give her the best sex you possibly can. Be a good listener. You need to continually show her that you love her.
Really these are tools for pleasing any woman that you care about. If you want different results, you need to do things differently than you have in your past relationships – especially if past results were less than desirable.
The number one rule is that you must handle your responsibilities. This sounds easy on the surface, but lets examine it a little further. 
This doesn’t mean that you handle things at your level of expectations. It means that whatever you take responsibility for, you must master. It means taking care of things at the highest level, not at a minimal level, or somewhere in between. 
The exact responsibilities you take on are negotiable between you and your wife, but usually to your Russian wife, they mean taking care of the bills and taking care of home repairs, and other typical men’s responsibilities like car repair. 
Probably she sees her primary responsibility as taking care of the house and the family. Your wife will be evaluating how well you handle your responsibilities. You should strive to achieve the highest level possible for you to avoid criticism 
-- criticism that is justified.


Another thing that you need to master is to give her the best sex you possibly can. I am not going into in-depth detail on this subject in this book. I am only going to offer you three small pieces of advice:
First, whatever you are doing – SLOW DOWN. If she needs to replay it on video in slow motion because it happened so fast, you have not achieved this goal. Learn about foreplay and take your time. 
When you think you have achieved this goal, you are halfway there. Slow down even more. Your wife will appreciate it.
The second piece of advice is that you need to learn to love oral sex. Why? Because she does. And I don’t mean oral sex for you, I mean for her. Learn how and practice it often. Practice until you master it. 
Lastly, take a shower before sex and brush your teeth. 

Be A Good Listener

When she wants to talk, you need to listen. That means if she wants to talk NOW, turn off the television and listen to her. Don’t just put it on mute and keep looking at the game on the screen.
You need to continually show her that you love her. You do this by doing little things for her like leaving love notes and remembering special occasions. Telling her that you love her every moment you can. Think up new and different ways to show her how much you care.
Remember what was covered in giving gifts – lots of small ones. Women are quantity oriented. The gifts don’t have to be expensive. Things like sending her a love note for each day of the week is enough. Be creative. Don’t always do the same thing. 
Despite what women say, they don’t want to hear you talk about your inner most fears, doubts, and concerns. You are the rock that they are depending on. Talking about these things only undermines your position and make you appear unreliable.
I’m not talking about not dealing with problems or lying or cheating. This is about not talking about your insecurities. Not only do you need to appear strong, you need to be strong. Talk to your good friends, your father, or your spiritual advisor about your insecurities, not your wife.

Make Dates With Your Wife

Take her out to dinner. Take her to the lake, or ocean, or mountains for the weekend. Keep things mysterious. Surprise her with things she will enjoy. 
You need to work hard to stave off boredom in your marriage. Relationships take work. The work isn’t over once you get married. It’s only the beginning.
Some of us not only get in a rut, we move in and furnish it. Be conscious of this.
Really, the topic of tools to satisfy your wife should be the subject of a book all by itself. This section is merely to give you an overview of the topic.
The real point of all of this advice is to remind you that the process of wooing, winning, and wedding the woman of your dreams does not stop once you get married – it is only the beginning. 
The real work takes place after the wedding. Keeping your wife happy and your relationship intact is the key. Learn from men who have been married a long time. Watch what they do and don’t do.
You will learn a lot from them. They have mastered the art of making their wives happy.

Quick Tips On How To Be More Romantic

Thoughtfulness is the main ingredient to keep a relationship alive and well. There is really no exact formula on how to be a romantic person. Being romantic comes out naturally if you really care and love the person you are with. 
The opposite is selfishness and self obsession. More often than not, it is men who stop focusing on the families and focus on their hobbies or interests. By pulling their noses out of the own lives and paying a little attention to their wife and family, it can work wonders. 
And when your wife is happy, romance flourishes. A daily dose of romance can work wonders – turning an otherwise dull relationship into something special. 
Rule number one is to pay attention to her. It can be little things like leaving a note telling her that you are thinking about her. It can be a Hershy's kiss left on her pillow saying "I love you." 
Add your own style and personal charm in romancing. If you are backlogged when it comes to romance, here are some simple ideas that you can use: 

Personalize It: 

Giving a woman a jewelry box is an ordinary thing. But if she sees that the jewelry box you bought her is her favorite color, her kind of style and with her name on it, then she might give the jewelry box a second look and cherish it forever. 
The point is, no matter how common an item is, if you give it a real thought before buying it for her, then the effort of choosing a gift that you think would please her counts as being romantic. 


Do something out of the blue. If your usual night out would mean a dinner date at McDonald’s then a fine dining restaurant of her choice would absolutely surprise her. If you are not used to giving small tokens of appreciation like flowers or chocolates, then do so once in a while. Keep her off balance with little surprises.

Quality Time: 

If the budget is tight and you can’t afford to buy gifts or treat your partner to a meal at a fancy restaurant, there is a great alternative to all these materials things. 
Yes, your quality time is good enough. Rather than laying on the couch watching a football game, take her to the lake or a garden with beautiful flowers. You can walk around holding hands and all it costs you is your time and the gas to get there. Some sweet gestures and some kind words like "I miss the smell of your hair” can even lead to some serious sparking. 

The Magic of Touch: 

It is always a good sight when you see couples walk hand in hand. The sensuality of one’s touch can do wonders. Of course, if you are not intimate with her at the current time, be sincere and touch only a woman’s "safe” parts like her hair, chin, forearms, and shoulders. 
Being romantic should be a natural thing for someone who’s in love. If you are having a hard time thinking of romantic ways to please your partner just think of something that can make her smile. Women love a man who can make them laugh. If you can do that, you would find that it makes her heart jump.