Russian Women Are Passionate

Russian women are passionate. Once you have lived with a Russian woman, many other women pale in comparison.
Russians in general are very emotional in their private lives, contrasting with their stoic public face. A Russian woman is a very emotional creature. This is deceiving at first because they are usually reserved in their demeanor.
They are passionate in every way. They live life passionately. They are very feminine. They are also very strong willed. They are very intelligent. They have the emotional volatility of a racehorse.
You have never made love to as passionate a woman as a Russian woman. You will never doubt how much you please her sexually. She will remind you again and again. She may tear the flesh off your back. 
She can get so angry she will throw things and break things. When she is incensed with you, she will call you names and hurl verbal insults at you to see how much you can take.
She is testing you to see how much you love her.
When you make up, she will beg your forgiveness and show you tenderness that you have never seen before. She will kiss you, cuddle you, and admonish herself for making you unhappy with her.
Russian women are passionate, but they are not easy. They will challenge you as a man in every way. They are not for the faint of heart. They are not for the weak of will or the frail of character.
They are the stone on which you sharpen your blade. The power and magnetism of their femininity will polarize and strengthen your masculinity. To handle such a woman, you will have to become a better man.
They will challenge you to become more of a man. You will either meet their challenge or fall away.
They will make you become a man among men, a force upon nature. A man to be reckoned with. It takes a powerful man to handle a powerful woman.

Your Man And Your Relationship As Your Highest Priority

My strongest advice for you after your marriage is to keep the quality of your love relationship with your husband as your highest priority. 
Encourage him to make the same commitment to you. As a couple, promise to remain conscious of the quality of your relationship as the most important thing to you, individually and together. 
It is too easy to allow the quality of your marriage to slip to a lower priority. Careers, friends, in-laws, children, and hobbies will all tug at your kimono sleeve to demand your time and attention. This is life. 
It is full of things other than your relationship that can demand your focus. As an American Geisha, you have a more difficult undertaking than does the Asian Geisha, who can keep her clients as her highest priority because she does not marry or plan a family. 
You marry and want a family, yet you probably also have a job or even an engaging career that pulls your attention away from your relationship with your husband. Fight successfully to maintain an active love life. Stay beautiful and feminine. Always be nice to each other. 
Even your children should be a second priority. They should come some distance behind your priority of maintaining a deep, mutual love relationship with your mate. Remember, as a psychologist once said, "The very best thing mothers or fathers can do for their children is to be actively, enthusiastically, and mutually in love with their spouses.” 
In other words, having a good marriage is the best thing you can do for your children. Another part of keeping your marriage as your highest priority is to celebrate your anniversary.
Make it a memorable day of renewal of your love and commitment to one another. Perhaps return to your honeymoon spot. Review your original wedding vows. Write new, updated vows. Stay excited about your mutual love.