The Kind Of Man A Russian Lady Would Follow Half Way Around The World

The kind of man a Russian lady would follow half way around the world. Your quest to find the woman of your dreams is more about you becoming the right man than it is about finding the right woman.
Many men are convinced that if they just find the right woman then everything will be perfect in their marriage. They either think that they are fine as they are or they think that they don’t have to change or don’t want to.
They want their wives to accept them for who they are.
Okay. Let’s take a look at who you are. 
How did you prior relationships or marriages fair? If you are a widower and the reason you are looking for a new spouse is because your wonderful spouse died -- you may be right – you may be a great husband and father.
For the rest of you, and I am including myself in this group, take a look at all of your relationships that failed. What is the common denominator in all those relationships? Give up?
YOU. That’s right. You are the common denominator in all your failed relationships.
That should give you a clue that there are chinks in your armor.
Let’s go through a checklist:
Do you drink alcohol to excess or use drugs? 
How often? 
Every day?
Every week?
Have you gotten into trouble with the law or at work or in your relationships because of this?
Do you gamble? 
Do you bet on sports or other events?
How often do you go to gaming casinos?
Do you bet more than you can afford? 
Can you stay within your pre-set limit?
Has gambling been a problem in your past relationships?
Do you like pornography? 
Do you frequent strip clubs or cathouses? 
Have you had sex outside of your marriage or relationships in the past? 
Have you been serially monogamous (faithful to your partner)?
Has sex been an issue in your relationships before? 
Can you and have you had reasonably frequent sex with your past partners?
Do you have problems with sex (premature ejaculation, failure to get an erection, et cetera)?
Have you had problems at work because of sex (sexual harassment, having sex with coworkers, et cetera)?
Are you financially stable?
Can you provide for your wife?
Do you have financial problems or have you had financial problems in the past?
Are you current on your bills?
Do you have savings accounts and retirement accounts?
Do you have divorce settlements or child support payments that severely restrict your lifestyle?
Are you paying child support for minor children that you have?
Are you current on your child support?
Are you actively involved in your children’s lives?
Would you consider yourself a good example to your children and other children?
Do you spend time with your children?
Do you feel guilty about your relationship with your children?
Do you do things with them that you both like to do?Are children safe with you?
Are you safety conscious?
Do you wear a seat belt?
Do you have car insurance?
Do you have life insurance?
Do you have health insurance?
Do you have disability insurance?
Do you have property insurance?
Are you a safe driver?
Do you drink and drive?
Are you in good health?
Do you exercise?
Is your weight normal?
How would you rate your eating habits?
Would you be able to complete a five-mile hike without problem?
Are you able to play with your kids without problem?
How is your job?
Are you employed?
Do you find your job rewarding?
Is your job stable?
Do you frequently find yourself daydreaming about a new job?
Do you get along with your co-workers?
Would someone else describe you as a workaholic?
Would you describe yourself as a good person?
Would you describe yourself as a moral person?
Are you trustworthy?
Are you a good friend?
Do you have a few good friends or people you can confide in?
How are your family relationships?
Do you get along well with your parents and siblings?
Is your family structure a healthy one?
Do you consider yourself a spiritual or religious person?
Do you go to church or regular spiritual gatherings?
Are you considered a member in good standing at your church or spiritual organization by others in your organization?Do you have healthy hobbies and interests?
Do you read books and like to learn new things?
Is your television viewing taking over a large portion of your life?
Does your computer time cut into your family time or your involvement with others?
Do you have volunteer organizations that you donate time to?
Are you involved in coaching or other community activities in which you give back to the community?
If you answer these questions honestly, you should have a fairly good appraisal of yourself as a human being, potential husband, father, employee, and community member.
You know your strengths and your shortcomings. 
Are you willing to work on your shortcomings to become a better person?
If not, then you probably aren’t going to make a very good husband and father. The best way to get in touch with your personal shortcomings is to get involved in a relationship.
Your wife will be more than happy to point out any shortcomings you have that are in your blind spot!
You can wait until she points them out or you can work on them yourself. I recommend that you take care of them yourself.
Do you know what the secret is to finding a perfect mate? The secret is that you have to attract her to you. Not with money, trinkets, bragging, buying her gifts, or showering attention on her.
You have to attract her on a cosmic level. You have to become the kind of human being whose personal standards are so high that you are irresistible to a woman who is looking for the ideal man.
It is a law of the universe that like attracts like. You are going to attract to yourself exactly the kind of person that you are. 
The best way to attract the best quality woman for you is for you to become the best person you can be.
In other words, the process of finding the perfect mate is more about you becoming the best man you can be rather than it is about finding the best woman.
If you are the perfect man, you will attract the perfect woman.
You now know your assignment – work on developing your personal strengths and minimizing your personal weaknesses.
Become the kind of man that she will leave everything that she knows and loves behind and follows half way around the world to have and to hold.
The process of wooing, winning, and wedding the woman of your dreams has been a personal quest for you.
Like the knights of old, to join the Round Table, they had to venture on a quest where they used all their talents, skills, and mental toughness and ingenuity to accomplish their quest.
The quest in itself was not the important thing. It was how the knight was transformed while on his quest. He became a better person. He was transformed into a man who could slay dragons or move mountains.
In the process of your pursuit of your ideal mate, you will be transformed. You will be become a better person, a better husband, and a better father.
Your quest to woo, win, and wed the woman of your dreams is more about you becoming the right man than it is about finding the right woman.
Western Wedding
As unbelievable as it sounds, so called theme weddings are making a comback. One theme that is popular today is a western or cowboy theme. 
The participants dress in western wear and the reception party is oriented around a western theme, including country western music.
The spirit of the West still lingers in the memory of many modern day Americans. One participant remembers that contrary to his apprehension of a total disaster, the ceremony proved a delightful departure from a traditional wedding. 
Each wedding tradition was faithfully represented by the cowboy culture. That western wedding was actually a fantastic experience. 
That the couple was trying to follow western wedding standards was apparent from the very beginning itself. Even the invitation motif had a cowboy hat and a bouquet of flowers as the central theme and the attractive icons were seen on top of a bale of hay, skillfully kept at the left of the words in print. 
But more surprises were waiting in the form of personal notes for the guests written by the couple. It read they were "getting hitched” instead of the usual phrase used for that purpose. 
The presentation was simplicity, yet the message was very clear that they were in love in every way a man and woman could be. The ceremony was moving and displayed the down to earth expressions of the cowboy philosophy of life. 
Embracing the same theme of western wedding, the maid of honor made use of little fun box pendants and earring sets, presented in a cowboy hat opening to reveal either a pendant necklace or earring for the guests at the bridal shower. These keepsakes, I was sure, will be adorned for years to come, reminding them of the fantastic western wedding. 
Wine was offered to the bride and groom through a cowboy wine holder having its base as a horseshoe. On it stood the replica of a cowboy, his metallic arms outstretched to hold four wine glasses also etched with image of galloping horses. Standing bow legged on the horseshoe pedestal, it was holding the wine. 
The bride’s magnificent gown with its trim train stole the show. It was studded with pearls and fine lace, resembling the long lost western bridal gown. 
When the beautiful bride peered from beneath her cowgirl hat with a veil attached to its corner flashing a winning smile, thunderous applause shook the room. You would have thought that Annie Oakley was getting married. 
This is just one example of a theme wedding. Others include polynesian, asian, or other types of motifs. The motif should be something that is near and dear to the couple getting married. 
I attended a Star Trek wedding held on the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise. The service was conducted by the Captain himself. The couple were both dedicated Trekkies.