Amazing and unexpected qualities of Russian girls

Doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced international dater or just a beginner, you’ll be pleased to know that Russia women for marriage serve lots of unusual needs that western girls don’t.
Single western men often seek a bride in between several groups of foreign women: Slavic, Asian, and Latin American. It’s hard to combine their advantages in just one person. But not in Russia!
There are Slavs and Asians, Nordic women and hot exotic women, thanks to multiple ethnicities in different regions of the country. Just imagine that perfect mix?..
Men often complain that western girls are materialistic, they try to get some profit while dating. There’s no such problem with a Russin girlfriend who is sincere and stable.
They are too traditional and well-behaved to expect a man to be their all-time sponsor. Quite the opposite, you will have to put some efforts in order to make her trust you her difficulties.
Cheating is another problem that bothers western men when they start to date a foreign woman. There’s normally no such issue when you date a Russian girl for marriage!
Of course, we aren’t pretending they are pure angels with the wings, but their culture and way of thinking is much more strict and girls do have inner barriers that keep them from cheating. After getting married, if all is well with a sexual life within a couple, they typically don’t even think about finding a lover or accepting someone else’s courtship. Lucky you!
Some men claim they would gladly date and marry Russian girls if only they were Muslim. With Tatarstan girls, this problem is solved too. The majority of them are Muslim!
That is very rare for post-Soviet countries and can be a great advantage for Muslim men. All Russian girls are taught to respect their man’s position and views so they’ll accept his religion.
Western men definitely missed feminine girls who would appreciate an old-fashioned courtship. Russian and Ukrainian women completely respond to that demand.
They are taught that a man should possess a nice courtship and react with the utmost sweetness or at least politeness. It raises a man’s self-esteem a lot, and makes him want more!

Russian girls’ appearance and daily habits

Russian woman can be divided into two main categories: absolutely perfect models with doll-like faces and women with less perfect figures but extremely sensual lips and eyes.
It’s typical for them to have extremely silky straight hair, not always blonde as sometimes they color it into chestnut or dark blond. Their skin looks shining and healthy too as they eat healthily.
Russian girls adore taking care of their appearance and use both famous products and homemade recipes for that. One would bite his fingers if he tried their yummy cooking!
Even girls with an average income or below, manage to take all beauty salon procedures and attend sauna weekly.
The art of makeup is their everything although they look nice even without.
You’ll be surprised how well-groomed Russian ladies are! They are less spoiled financially than western girls so they rarely have a plastic surgery on their nose, eye shape, lips, or breasts.
They only use eyelash extensions. Other than that, you will find them purely natural if that is what you enjoy. Honestly, the majority of men find natural beauty especially sexy.
All Russian women, but especially those ones living in Moscow, wear bright sexual clothes. If you’re a jealous type, you should really calm down as such a provocative looks comes with modesty.
Brightness is natural for them and you shouldn’t struggle with it. It’s a part of their personality. That’s probably why Russian women for marriage are creative, and many of them are models.

Russian women’s attitude in a relationship

It really seems that Russian females took all the best from Soviet times heritage even though it was so doubtful. It comes to relationships first of all, and all family connections too.
They know how to make a house a home, they know how to treat their man, and they know how to save the money. Basically, Russian lovers impersonalize all desirable traits western men dream of.
1. They still enjoy bottling and storing veggies for winter by themselves, instead of buying from the store. It’s much cheaper this way although only our grannies did it.
2. They sew the clothes. They surely prefer to buy brand new clothes in the mall, but if a family experiences difficulties at the moment, it’s not a problem for them to sew.
3. They make homemade facial creams and serums. They enjoy using their ancestors’ knowledge and applying only healthy stuff on their skin. It helps them to stay young!
4. Healthy eating is a norm for them. Farming and agriculture are extremely developed in Russia, just like in Ukraine, so people are getting natural products for a good price.
5. They never look miserable at home. They believe that a good wife wears a neat home dress, home shoes on small heels, sexy lingerie, and cute hairstyle for her husband.
6. They think their man is like a king. Russian women are their men’s biggest fans. They are confident about their partner, and want him to impress everyone around.

A few more facts about Russian beauties

Dating and marrying Russian lovers can be recommended as an effective medicine, to those who already went through painful divorces with selfish western women.
Any well-qualified psychologist will tell you that exactly Russian girls could quickly heal your wounds, if there are any. Hundreds of western men are confirming that statement.
They are very caring but not overprotective; very sexy but naturally modest and faithful; great cooks and cleaners but know how to combine that with a successful career.
You think all this can’t be real? Just arrange your trip and see by yourself! The majority of men are having a very positive experience in Russia, and only some of them criticize.
Beautiful single Russian women for marriage are like precious pearls among all that magnificence. Yet they remain pure and reasonable like none other nationality in the world.
Not only for marriage but for hookups, modern men prefer to go to Russia not to Cuba or Thailand. Simply because Eastern European girls have a class, a style, and are naturally sexy.
Today, women in Russia aren’t as dependent as they were a few decades ago. They go businesswomen, freelancers, and travel the world more freely, so they’re very open-minded.
Not all women want to get married, many are open to a liberated relationship. They are ok to date on a distance and hookup during vacations. Their hobbies and interests help them to wait.
One doesn’t need to buy them a meal and a pair of shoes to seduce them, like he would do in the Philippines. Russian girls can afford that by themselves, and they want a man only as a hot lover.